Thomas Le Colleter

Literary and poetic work

Former student of the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Thomas Le Colleter is a professor of literature in higher education and a musician. Holder of the agrégation in modern literature and a Ph.D. in comparative literature, he also holds three first prizes from conservatories, in piano (CRR de Lyon, class of Hervé Billaut), piano accompaniment (CRR de Rueil-Malmaison, class of Angéline Pondepeyre), and Music History (CRR de Paris, class of Corinne Schneider).

Specializing in the relationship between music and poetry, he is the author of a doctoral thesis in comparative literature defended at the University of Paris-Sorbonne, focusing on the influence of music in the works of three major poets of the last century: Federico García Lorca, Pierre Jean Jouve, and Giorgio Caproni. The work was published in 2019 by Classiques Garnier under the title « La matière ensorcelée » (The Enchanted Matter). His academic research generally focuses on the connections between music and literature in the European context of the 19th and 20th centuries. He has authored about fifteen scientific articles published in various journals (Europe, Comparatismes en Sorbonne, etc.) and books, including the latest, « Beethoven l’Européen, » published in 2023. His works particularly explore the representations of composers (Monteverdi, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, Ravel, Berg), as well as flamenco, in French, Italian, and Spanish poetry of the 20th century. He regularly participates in musico-literary symposiums at various French universities.

Furthermore, his regular practice of piano accompaniment for singers over a decade led him gradually to study lyric singing, first at the CRR de Boulogne-Billancourt in the class of Blandine de Saint-Sauveur and then at the Conservatoire du 11e arrondissement de Paris (class of Julie Hassler). His love for Baroque music has driven him to specialize in this repertoire, benefiting from the guidance of Andreas Scholl, Gérard Lesne, Nicole Rouillé, and Maarten Koeningsberger in masterclasses. As a singer, he has performed as a soloist and chorister with various ensembles (Sagittarius, Bach Collegium Paris, Ensemble Sequentiæ, Ensemble Poséidon…) under the direction, among others, of Michel Laplénie, Christophe Coin, Patrizia Metzler, and Mathieu Bonnin. Between 2016 and 2022, he regularly sang with the Baroque Choir of Amsterdam under the direction of Ton Koopman, leading to performances across Europe and around the world (Konzerthaus in Vienna, Warsaw Philharmonic, Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Thomaskirche in Leipzig, National Auditorium in Madrid, Forbidden City in Beijing, Shanghai Symphony Hall…), mainly focusing on J.S. Bach’s repertoire (Cantatas, Motets, Passions, Mass in B…).

On a daily basis, he teaches literature and philosophy in literary and scientific preparatory classes at the Lycée Marcelin Berthelot (Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, Val-de-Marne) and has been directing a cultural music workshop at Sciences Po Paris for over ten years, dedicated this year to the theme of narrative and representation in Western classical music, from Monteverdi to Boulez (17th-20th centuries).

Au quotidien, il enseigne la littérature et la philosophie en classes préparatoires littéraires et scientifiques au lycée Marcelin Berthelot (Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, Val-de-Marne) et dirige depuis plus de dix ans un atelier de culture musicale à Sciences Po Paris, consacré cette année à la question de la narration et de la représentation dans la musique savante occidentale, de Monteverdi à Boulez (XVII-XXe s.).

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